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Accueil » Catalogue » DVD » DVD Encyclopedia Of Thumb Tip Magic (3 DVD Set) by Gary Darwin
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DVD Encyclopedia Of Thumb Tip Magic (3 DVD Set) by Gary Darwin 


Ce nouveau SET de DVD est incroyable vous donnera des douzaines d'idées et des effets inattendus .

Plus, il vous donnera une multitudes d'effets qui feront reflechir même les magiciens les plus experimentés.

Si vous avez pensé que le FP était juste pour la disparition de foulard, préparez-vous à redecouvrir ce gimmick sous d'autre angles!

Disc One:

The History of the Thumb Tip

Who invented it?
In what year?
What effect was first performed with it?
The Tuck - Gary’s Theory on how to Vanish a Silk Hanky.
The Push - Matches, Cigarettes, Coins, etc.
The Pinch - Lance Burton’s ultimate variation on "Darwin’s Flick".
The Finger Palm - When you’re not using the Thumb Tip.
The Fitting of the Thumb Tip - All amateurs do it wrong.
The Darwin Dump - Gary’s sure-fire out when someone challenges you.
Cut and Restored Rope - Darwin’s simplified variation on the old classic.
Swallowing Cigarette – An idea that goes way back, great for parties.
Darwin’s Multiplying Hankies – An accidental invention.
Salt Trick – The updated version with a special thanks to Lance and Siegfried. This routine is worth the price of the whole DVD. Great Finale for your act!
Silk to Tube - Darwin's variation on an old P&L collectable.
Dai Vernon’s Kicker – Vernon’s clever one-finger “move-less” tuck.
Spoon Bending – Darwin's simple improvement allows you to easily bend spoons and keys.
Darwin’s Linking Chain – Better than the Chinese Linking Rings, this is so good it's been sold as a stand alone effect for years.
Chop Cup – Darwin’s simplification that lets you do your chop routine with a regular cup!
Cockroach Resurrection – Not the best dinner trick! (But, a great bar trick)
Color Changing Hanky – Fielding West’s method, PLUS an alternate method.
Torn and Restored Napkin – Darwin does it professionally. Great opener!
Cigarette to Ice Cube – Another great one for a party!
Paper Balls over the Head – Darwin’s touch on the classic effect.
Miser’s Dream – Solari’s clever idea with a TT and a Jumbo Finale.

Vanishing Quarter - With a thumb tip it's instant gratification.
Thumb Tips on Video
Thumb Tip Related "Fakes"

Disc Two


Restored Napkin - Also called "The Smoking Jacket", this old classic is very strong when you do it Darwin's way. Most people do it wrong!
Large Napkin Vanish - Vanish items that would never fit in your Thumb Tip!
Paper Clips - Bob Fenton's clever idea.
Alternate Cut & Restored Rope - A hell of an idea. Blows the magicians away.
Butchers Cord - The cord restores in the spectator's hands! Very strong!
Firecrackers - A neat little idea with an appearing string.
Candy - If you work in a restaurant this simple little effect will double your tips.
Vanishing Cigarette - This is strong stuff. Darwin’s reproduction is a KILLER. One of the top 5 things Darwin’s ever invented with the thumb tip.
Vanishing King Sized Cigarette - The one that destroyed Johnny Thompson. Party ready.
Broken Toothpick - Cute little effect for the dinner table.
Flash Paper - Such an improvement on the old method. More flash!
Escape from Handcuffs - Escape from any pair of handcuffs using a Thumb Tip!
Cellophane to Crystal - Another great one for the table workers.
Vanishing Thimble - Put this one in your thimble routine!
Straw Production - Great little effect anytime you're sitting at the table
Bank Night - It's BEST done with a Thumb Tip.
Nuts & Bolts - Egor Polo’s brilliant little effect.
Spikes through Thumb - Mini Illusion with a thumb tip and a black art secret.
Bill Switch - One of the top five Thumb Tip Tricks explained in GREAT tremendous detail by special guest and Las Vegas pro Jeffrey Richards.
Dollars to Quarters - A comedic trick with a great finish.
Burnt & Restored Match - One of the highlights of the set.

Cigarette Tonguing
Cigarette Moves
Trick Tips - Darwin takes you on a quick tour. Everything from picking up a flame your bare hands to a showgirl’s thumb tip. Tips of all colors, shapes, and sizes.
Match Tricks
Thumb Tip Packaging

Disc Three

Balanced Card - Tremendous effect. Magician fooler.
Gold Cord - Darwin sells this one separately. Very commercial.
Sponge to Power Pad - This little idea gives you a great way to get your number to a girl.
Sponge Balls
Color Changing Sponge Balls
Sponge Rabbits - Darwin’s funny finish to Robert Nelson’s classic effect.
Candy Mentalism - Read people's mind with a thumb tip!
Silk to Pocket - Darwin’s modernization of the old principle.
Nickles to Dimes - Darwin’s startling climax improves on the old classic.
Drop Dead - Your pulse stops at your command.
Cigarette in Hanky - When you do it Darwin’s way you’re one step ahead.
Center Tear - Mentalism effect and Darwin’s finish on the Invisible Deck.
Burst & Restored Balloon - Strong Trick. Darwin invented this one over 25 years ago.
Vanishing Silk Hanky - A wild concept! Vanish the Hanky in the spectator’s hand!
Rubber Bands - A little mystery with a rubber band.
Purse Frame - The thumb tip improves the old classic!
One Handed Silk Production
Instant Breakfast - Fielding West loved it, and you will too.
Expanded Hanky - Melvin Christopher and Hen Fetch Popper.
Burnt & Restored Bill - Good trick, close-up or stage. This one gets more laughs.
High Sodium Napkin - A new principle.

One Handed Coin Vanish
More Gimmicks
Thumb Through Shirt

DVD en Anglais durée 211 minutes

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DVD Encyclopedia Of Thumb Tip Magic (3 DVD Set) by Gary Darwin
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